3 Stars Brewing Company
Covid-19 Update

Phase 2 Re-opening:

This Saturday 6/24/20 we will reopen under the Phase 2 Guidelines. We’ll be open on our patio and In our Beer Hall allowing 50% capacity.

To make a reservation please go to
open table

We will not seat guests without a reservation, this is for everyone's safety. Guests will be escorted to their tables. Children must remain seated. Dogs are allowed on the patio but must be leashed. Smoking/vaping is not permitted on the property.

The Phase 2 guidelines were set by the DC Department of Health. We hope that our adherence to these guidelines will assure you that we plan to provide a safe, comfortable environment to enjoy your time at the brewery, while on our patio or inside our Beer Hall.

Here are the rules:

  • • Service is limited to outdoor service and indoor service up to 50% capacity – Seated Only
  • • Outside on our patio and Inside our Beer Hall all Patrons must be seated at a table. Sorry, no bar seats for now.
  • • We will have table service for you. No standing is permitted
  • • Tables are limited to 6 persons.
  • • Reservations are required and Patrons must provide Name and Contact information
  • • All Guests must wear masks while in common areas. You may remove your mask to drink or eat

We’re dedicated to providing you with a safe environment, so here’s what we’ve done:

  • • We encourage all Guests or Employees to stay at home if they are sick or were recently exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • • Anyone showing cold or flu-like symptoms will not be permitted.
  • • We ask everyone to stay at least 6 feet from other people when possible We’ve spaced our seating out so that all tables have a comfortable distance of at least 6 feet from other parties.
  • • Employees must wear proper face coverings while working and wash hands frequently, including before and after using the restroom, before serving food and beverages, and after removing used dishware, glassware, utensils, and napkins from the table.
  • • Employees must wear gloves when handling your drinks.
  • • Patrons must wear face coverings while not eating or drinking (e.g. while ordering food and before being served, and after completion of the meal), and maintain 6 feet of distance from those not in your party.
  • • Hand sanitizer is available at all entrances and guests will be asked to utilize it upon entry.
  • • We have touchless menus available.
  • • We’ll be serving cans only for now.

We have implemented new cleaning practices to ensure our public areas remain clean

  • • We Clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched or used by employees (e.g., door handles, work stations, computers) at least every two to three hours, and shared objects and surfaces (e.g., ordering and payment terminals, cash registers, tables, countertops/bars, receipt trays) between uses.
  • • All table items will either be single-use and disposed of after use, or cleaned and sanitized between uses/table seatings.
  • • Tables and chairs will be cleaned and disinfected after each seating
  • • Restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected frequently and appropriately marked and monitored to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed.
  • • We’ll ensure an adequate supply of soap and paper towels is present at all times.
  • • All food contact surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized at least every 2 hours.