In collaboration with    Oliver Ales

Style    Rye Based Pale Ale

ABV    7.0%

Grain Bill
Fawcetts Halcyon Pale and Canada Maltings Pale as base, Fawcetts malted rye, crystal rye, crystal 45 and malted wheat as specialty grains.

Centennial, whole leaf Cascade, dry hopped with both Cascade and Liberty.

Flavor Profile
Pours a deep amber color with golden pale fringe, medium bodied, perfect carbonation, full mouthfeel. Strong aromas of American hops, bright and slightly piney. Balanced malt presence accompanies the hop bitterness with subtle hints of rye spice.

Food pairing
Bold flavors compliment earthy dishes like roasted chicken, and smoked meats. Also works very well with highly acidic foods like ceviche and red sauce.