Style   Imperial Brown Ale

ABV     8.7%

Grain Bill
2 Row, Wheat, Chocolate, Crystal 40, Crystal 80, & Flaked Oats

Magnum and Willamette for bittering, Fuggles and toasted pecans for aroma.

Flavor Profile
Deep, rich malt flavors carry a subtle indication of roasted coffee. Smooth, yet slightly effervescant, mouthfeel carries with it a hint of sweet malts and subtle notes of alcohol. Slight, non lingering bitterness at the finish with undertones of toasted pecans and oak.

Food Pairing
This smooth and complex ale can be paired with a multitude of dishes. Start a meal by pairing it with big funky chesses, serve with a main dish of roasted meat or a rustic casserole, or finish the meal by pairing it with complimentary pecan pie, or a contrasting salted caramel or sweet fruit pie.