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Illuminati Release #1 (2018):

Release Date: Sunday, February 25th

10% ABV
Dopplebock aged 6 months in Republic Restoratives barrels. Huge notes of caramel greet you in the nose, followed by a smooth rich drink of dark dry fruits and malt sweetness, finishes with a lingering note of dark fruit and a prominent presence of whiskey. Perfect to enjoy now, or cellar for later.


Illuminati Release #2 (2018):

Release Date: Friday, July 6th

13.8% ABV
Woodford Reserve barrel aged strong dark ale. We left this monster in the barrels for 2.5 years and the finished product is amazing. All that time in the barrel created characteristics that are sure to blow your mind. Big robust notes of wood and alcohol collide with prominent components of malt and whiskey for a full bodied and robust ale that is sure to tickle your fancy. Perfect to enjoy now, or cellar for later, but definitely designed to be shared with others. Enjoy


Illuminati Release #3 (2018):

13.2% ABV
We aged a beautiful Barleywine in some freshly emptied bourbon barrels for 14 months and then did some fun secondary fermentation with sweet cherries. The result is a wonderfully rich and complex ale with pronounced fruit sweetness and a really nice finish with a bit of alcohol warmth. This is a perfect beer to age to enjoy for the holidays or with some cool Fall weather.


Illuminati Release #4 (2018):

11.5% ABV
Bourbon Barrel Aged Dopplebock conditioned on Qualia Yirgacheffe Coffee. 11.5% with a big roast character followed by notes of bourbon and oak, finishes with a underlying malt sweetness and alcohol heat.

The Illuminati 2018 releases are for members only. If you are interested in becoming a member so you can receive these limited edition beers, stay tuned for our 2019 Illuminati membership sign-up which we will be announcing at the end of this year.