Illuminati Release #5 (2015):

Release Date: Thursday, December 31st

10.4% ABV

For your final release of the year, we have a barrel aged gem to help you get through the colder months to come. This rye barrel aged imperial porter smacks of deep malt richness and big rye whiskey notes. A semi-floral nose with hints of dried fruit is followed by flavors of oak sweetness & a slightly bitter malt component.  A warming finish rounds out the malt complexity and leaves you with lingering notes of dark fruit and rye whiskey. While you can certainly add this beauty to your cellar, one could argue that it brings 2015 to a delicious finish.  We hope you enjoy.


Illuminati Release #4 (2015):

Release Date: Saturday, November 21st

11% ABV
For this release we have a blended treat that will make even the most curmudgeonly folks smile with unrestrained joy. We have taken rye barrel aged Pandemic and blended it with 2014 Madness that aged over a year in a Cabernet barrel with blackberries. This barrel-aged strong ale has a deep rich complexity with hints of chocolate, dried fruit, fresh berries and warming booze notes. While this is certainly a beer that is appropriate for cellaring, we think it is the perfect addition to your holiday dinner table and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Illuminati Release #3 (2015):

Release Date: Saturday, September 26th

6.7% ABV
For this release we have a beautifully aged saison that spent the previous year in a couple of French Oak Chardonnay barrels. The aging process has transformed it into an extremely delicate and complex ale with wonderfully stated wine and oak notes. The clean, bright finish leaves a lingering note of white wine and subtle fruit tones.


Illuminati Release #2 (2015):

Release Date: Friday, July 17th

8.1% ABV
The second Illuminati release of 2015 is a complex beast indeed, and we think it was worth the extra time it took to get it to its destination. What we have for you is a rye whiskey barrel aged imperial stout finished on ancho peppers and cocoa nibs. The result is a robust beer with real depth & multi layered flavor profiles. It presents you with smoky notes of pepper and rye balanced with rich chocolate tones. A creamy mouthfeel allows the different flavor components to dance all over your tongue leaving behind pleasant reminders and a slightly warming finish. While this beer is ideal for cellaring, we do understand the desire to pop it open and dive right in to experience it in all its glory.


Illuminati Release #1 (2015):

Release Date: Saturday, April 4th

12.4% ABV
For this year’s first release we have a very special treat. We aged 2014 Madness in Green Hat Ginavit barrels and allowed the two to interplay with one another creating some one of a kind flavors. We have been sampling this barrel aged deliciousness waiting for it to hit the right balance of booze and beer character, and we really like where it landed last week. The robust notes of dark fruit from the Madness are a perfect counterbalance to the piney brightness of the juniper. This beer is perfect for cellaring, or be the life of the party and bring this big boozy beast to your next dinner party.

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