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Funkerdome Release #1 (2018):

Release Date: Sunday, February 25th

7.5% ABV
Light rust colored American wild ale. Tart and fruity nose followed by notes of honey, orange, grapefruit, and green tea. Very low tartness with beveled layers of funk. Aged 2 years in bourbon and wine barrels. Perfect to enjoy now, or cellar for later.


Funkerdome Release #2 (2018):

Release Date: Friday, July 6th

5.7% ABV
Bourbon barrel fermented wild ale with a funk focus and subtle notes of citrus tartness. This Brett beer has light hay on the nose with a balanced, dry finish and hints of tangerine and pink grapefruit. Super sessionable at 5.7% and dangerously drinkable.


Funkerdome Release #3 (2018):

7.2% ABV
We have a wine barrel aged wild ale with mixed cultures which has been hanging out in the Funkerdome for well over a year. The extended time in the barrels allowed the bacteria to develop a crazy complex sour character with a real nice dry finish.


Funkerdome Release #4 (2018):

7.2% ABV
Chardonnay Barrel Aged American Sour Ale. Tart notes of funk great you up front with some well curated acidity followed by a smooth and lingering tart finish. Coming in at 7.2% abv, this is an easy drinking sour with some serious complexities from the different strains of yeast used in fermentation.

The Funkerdome 2018 releases are for members only. If you are interested in becoming a member so you can receive these limited edition beers, stay tuned for our 2019 Funkerdome membership sign-up which we will be announcing at the end of this year.